Girls tennis, Lacrosse experience coaching vacancies


Hailey Anderson, Reporter

Early this year, many girls lacrosse and tennis players found out they don’t have a coach for their 2016 season. The application process has been open since early December and has received many qualified applicants in that time.

“I will be very grateful towards the new coach for sacrificing their time,” said Sr. Sarah Harrelson.

Harrelson is planning on trying out for girls tennis even with the current coaching situation. Not having a coach this late in the year is causing many mixed emotions and potential problems.

“Not having a coach makes me concerned about how our preseason will affect our main season. I don’t believe we will be ready to take on the stronger teams,” said So. Alix Gillen.

Gillen plays girls lacrosse, and is very nervous for her upcoming season without knowing the coach. Recently Jeff Einfalt has been hired for the position of the girls lacrosse coach. Without knowing the coach well, the outcome of the season is unknown.
Athletic Director Dave Preszler has accepted many applications for both the girl’s lacrosse and tennis teams. DHS Athletic Program plans to keep the application process open for as long as possible to make sure other qualified applicants can apply.

“It has become harder and harder to find quality coaches. It isn’t easy anymore. We’re looking for people who really like the sport they’re involved in and who like working with kids,” said Preszler.