Theaters fill with drop dead laughter


Aleashea Prescott, Reporter

Most children dream about superpowers; at a young age they are influenced by the capes, the hidden identity, the valiant rescue missions, and the cool theme song. These are the things that make a superhero so super in the eyes of the the youth. But what happens when the cape is replaced by harmful guns and the valiant rescue missions turn into a blood soaked revenge plot?

Although “Deadpool” may be one of the funniest superhero movies released of its time, it also dulls the image of the classic honorable superhero the world is so used to, and may be adding poor impressions and moral judgements on the younger generation.

“It was really good, but it was also nasty. It was awesome because it still has action, but it was also funny,” said So. Ty Westcott.

Since Deadpool was released as one of the first R rated superhero movies, it has created quite a controversy due to it’s content. While some love “Deadpool” exactly how it is and believe the crude humor, sexual innuendos, and gory action are what make the movie such a blockbuster, others believe that it shouldn’t be as vulgar as it is, and should be more age appropriate for everyone, as superheros should be.

“I thought “Deadpool” was good, it was really funny and had crude humor that you don’t often hear, it was just a cool movie. I think it was appropriate that it was rated R, because of everything in it,” said Jr. Teagan Lopez.

“Deadpool” was a major motion picture that slammed box office and still continues to be a fan favorite. It sold a record making $132.4 million in box office in the first weekend. That number has only continued to grow.

“Deadpool is going to endear a whole new audience to the vivid and weird character, while once again demonstrating the tremendous opportunity for variety in the comic book movie genre,” said Rotten Tomato film critic Eric Eisenberg.

While “Deadpool” does demonstrate an edgy twist on the X-Men franchise, many disagree with how irreverent and bloody it was made, and how negatively it could influence young superhero fans who watch it.

“I’m not thrilled because superhero’s are who people look up too, and it’s opening a door to other Rated R super hero movies and it just isn’t anything kids should be influenced by,” said Durango Stadium 9 Manager, Rick Nabors.

Most superhero movies have had a PG-13 rating or less which allows the younger population to be able to watch them more freely, but now that “Deadpool” has been released many think it’s upsetting that a superhero is influencing the younger generation more negatively.