NAHS Art Students Can’t Wait to Titillate


Jenna Engelken, Reporter

The Durango Public Library has recently opened their facility to display various forms of youth artwork such as photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics or even written works.

“I think the community will be impressed by the work high schoolers are doing…their hard work should be viewed and celebrated,” said Animas High School student, Sr. Becca Schaldach.

Display space is dispersed among the teen area, the Program Rooms and within the river lounge area. Display cases, although limited, are also available throughout the library for exhibiting three dimensional pieces.

“It’s just a great way to showcase a huge part of our community- the students,” said art teacher, Krista Karpel.

The Durango Public Library plans to host a new art show every two months throughout the year, including over the summer. Any students from 6-12th grade can share their accomplishments with the community by first contacting the library and completing an application form. In addition, students can also choose to sell their art to public viewers while on display.

“Our youth are creating vibrant works and…I’m excited for the community to be able to see the creativity of local youth …being recognized,” said the Teen Services Librarian of Durango Public Library, Corinna Manion.

The Durango Public Library’s first art exhibit is designated to feature the artwork of the Durango High School chapter of the National Art Honors Society (NAHS). NAHS is an organization which strives to recognize, inspire and develop the character of students with unique artistic abilities.

“Doing this public show is super helpful because we get to showcase our art to the community rather than just doing school shows or having to be in a gallery which is really hard,” said NAHS member, Sr. Madi Anderson.

The public can support youth achievements at the NAHS art show debut on Wednesday, Mar. 23rd, from 5-7 p.m. Food and beverage will also be provided during the opening.

I think a lot of what goes on in schools is very separated from the lives of adults in the community, so this display might work as a link between youth and the rest of the community,” said Schaldach.

The club’s artwork will remain on display until May 23rd, 2016. Following the conclusion of the NAHS show, an exhibit open to all La Plata county teens will run from May 25th to August 31st.

“Youth who are more engaged in their communities and creating meaningful connections have more of the assets they need to grow into active and engaged adults,” said Manion.

Since the library will be collecting public art submissions, Durango High School students are also provided the opportunity to participate.

“Displaying (work) in the public… is a part of learning,” said Karpel.