New Trend Rock Socks Off Community


Payton Azhocar, Reporter

The first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of Durango usually include skiing the snowy slopes at Purgatory, the roaring chug of a train rolling through historic downtown and the cheering of locals as the festive Snowdown parade moves down Main Avenue. Though few  people imagine Durango as a fashionable community, the students at DHS have never been afraid to express themselves with their unique styles and trendy attire. Art socks, unique and colorful foot-apparel, are just one of the numerous ways that students express themselves as well as to display their favorite pieces of art to the community.

“It’s all about the art, but you get to wear it on your feet,” said Fashion Club coach Krista Karpel.

Karpel sees the socks as more of a platform for art rather than a stylistic clothing piece. From images of the Mona Lisa to cats, art socks come in many diverse designs. The variety of socks allows for a broader range of customers.

When asked precisely who should own art socks, enthusiast Fr. Logan Fullington said, “Everyone should own as many as possible.”

The possibility of owning several pairs of socks is more realistic than most fashionable apparel due to the relatively reasonable price.

“Yes, the price is absolutely reasonable,  athletic socks cost more than that ($10) for one pair,” said Sr. Danica Dudley.

A popular website for purchasing art socks is Although the socks are slightly more expensive, the socks are higher quality than those on Amazon. However, the price and designs displayed on the socks are not the only reasons students enjoy art socks.

“It’s on the horizon. Everyone started wearing them and it’s popular,” said Fr. Kade Engels.

Art socks, like any trend, are currently spreading through communities and schools such as DHS.  But questions exist about if the trend will last or become just another fad.

“As long as people continue to make new art, people will wear them,” said Dudley.

Art is a huge part of culture around the world and more specifically in Durango. The continuation of art is inevitable in all communities, which gives the art socks a better chance of thriving in DHS. For the time being, students seem to enjoy the trend.

“I think people wear them because they’re cooler and more unique than normal socks,” said Fullington.

Many students enjoy the aesthetics of art socks and their symbolization of artistic status in DHS. Art socks also allow students to express themselves and present their artistic values to the community.