DHS Student Board Speaks

Local Students Discuss School Budget and Testing

Kenna Willis, Reporter

On January 26 the school board met for their monthly meeting. During each meeting the board interviews a group of individuals of different professions; such as the health department or the police department. This month though the board decided to interview students of the two high schools in the district: Big Picture and Durango High School.
“It is important that we hear from students, as well as the community,” said President of the board Andy Burns.
The students that represented our schools were: Isaac Ducker, Emily West, Chloe West, Matthew Mclaughlin, Landon Donagan, Lauren Biery, and Lana Razma. These students brought up issues such as having clubs and activities take the place of some required classes, substance abuse, and the importance of activities.
“I think activities are very important and give students something to better themselves,” said Senior Matthew Mclaughlin.
Our students represented us very well and has brought up new ideas to the board.
Also, in the meeting the School Board evaluated the value of the Phoenix Program, a program that assists students that are at risk of being expelled or students that have been expelled, and the role that the community plays in this resource.
“Keeping kids in school is a community endeavor…we couldn’t do this without our community” said Jackie Oros.
The school board also discussed the budget for the upcoming school year and changing the PARCC test to the PSAT for juniors.