The Demon Deli


Afton Mann, Reporter

Everyday the majority of Durango High School either drives or walks to lunch. The upcoming Demon Deli provides a solution to this problem. This will be a student operated deli that will be placed in the basecamp hall at Durango High School. It will provide food for lunch with the bonus of  a convenient location. Senior DECA members Mason Stetler and Jared Webster, who came up with the idea, have been working exceptionally hard to make this a reality here at DHS.

The mission statement for the deli is, “The Demon Deli is committed to providing convenient, affordable, healthy lunch options to the DHS community, while supporting local commerce and educating the community about the importance of healthy eating habits,” said Webster.

In order to achieve these goals, DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America,  has been working hard on this project since the beginning of the school year with help from Krista Garand, Leanne Garcia, Victor Figueroa (Durango High School’s director of facilities) and Dave Preszler. With their help the deli has become an alternative to going out for lunch, and using local foods to provide healthy and affordable lunches for kids.

“We are working on getting multiple local restaurants (Zia, Three Peaks, Homeslice, Serious Texas BBQ, etc.) to cater for the Demon Deli. The logistics will hopefully be  similar to the Animas High School lunch program. In addition to the local options, we are planning to sell our own sandwiches made out of high quality ingredients such as Boar’s Head meats. The menu is a work in progress, but trust me, it’ll be awesome,” said Stetler.

With all of these local food sources, the deli won’t only benefit the school, but the entire community. This is an incredibly innovative and entrepreneurial idea for DHS.

“The Demon Deli will be an extension to the food program already in place at the school, so all proceeds will cycle within DHS and help benefit the student body through projects such as the remodeling of our stadium. Although, we are expecting opportunities for various clubs to staff the deli in return for monetary reward for their club. We would like to encourage students to keep their spending in DHS, because the money will support their education , rather than McDonalds” said Webster.

This will be a great way to earn money for the school and provide for student needs. With the help of DECA and other school officials this project is becoming a reality. With the goal of providing access to healthy, affordable, convenient food, many students are excited for this new addition to our learning community.

“I think that this is a really cool way to not only raise money, but also gives students more lunch options. I also think it’s really cool that the proceeds are helping our school because it not only benefits hungry students needs, but also the whole school and learning community,” said So. Elise Gilleland.

The idea of the deli has a lot of positive impacts on our school already. With this accessible food students will have more time for themselves as well. Because it is located in the high school, students will not always have to go out to get their own lunches.

“I think it’s a good idea because so many kids run out of here to go to lunch and now they will be able to grab something quick, hopefully healthy, hopefully affordable, and then be able to come back to an activity, or they will be able to study during that time period so they’ll create extra time for themselves where they would have been standing in line or driving” said Durango High School’s Business and Marketing  teacher Dave Dillman.

With all of this excitement buzzing around the school, the Demon Deli is an idea awaiting success.

“We’re hoping to have the Demon Deli up and running in March. I personally wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee every now and then between periods. In the future, we hope the Demon Deli will be completely student run and have a variety of clubs and activities fundraise for their various events” said Stetler.

Overall, this is a great way to help our school become more convenient in a student led way. From fulfilling the needs of hungry students, and helping make money for our school with the help from the community, our school is becoming more and more advanced in the way that everyone’s needs are being benefitted.