DECA takes on New York City


Paxton Scott, News Editor

Over the week of December 9th, eleven Durango High School DECA members and David Dillman, the DECA advisor, flew to New York City for a nation wide DECA conference. The DECA group joined millions of other tourists that make New York City the most popular tourist destination in the country. In 2014, 48 million tourist came from around the world to enjoy the sites and culture of New York City.

The trip offered Durango High School students the chance to experience the diversity and opportunities of metropolitan life, qualities that are sometimes lacking in Durango.

The DECA group rose early on Wensday, December 9th and left Durango at 1:45 drive to Albuquerque and from there flew to Newark airport in New Jersey. After landing, the 11 members got on a train to travel to Times Square where there hotel was located.

“It was all very lit up. Although I had expected the crowd, I didn’t expect the sensory overload that came in the form of bright flashing lights, honking horns and sirens,” said Jr. Jenna Engelken, one of the DECA officers.

The hotel that Durango DECA stayed at played host to nearly 400 other DECA members from around the nation and as a result Durango DECA Members stayed on the the 21st floor. As a result of the high cost of square footage in New York, the hotel had only two elevators.

“We ended up walking up to our rooms on the 21st floor more often than not,” said Sr. Mason Stetler.

One of the reasons for high real estate prices is the is the influx of people into New York. Immigrants from around the world move to New York in search of the American Dream. Over time, New York has become a melting pot for people of differents race and religion.

“One of my favorite parts about walking around New York is the diversity,” said Sr. Joaquin Valdez.

New York also shows off its diversity through the thousands of restaurants that serve almost any food imaginable.

“We had these really amazing oysters. They were really great but also pretty pricy. The New York pizza was equally delicious, but a fraction of the price,” said Valdez.

Although New York is often known for its expensive housing and high salaries, the food can be as affordable as the iconic one dollar pizza.

“The street vendors were excellent,” said Stetler.

Another integral part of the New York experience is the Subway network. Since the New York City Subway opened in 1904, the network has expanded to 469 stations that cover most of the city.

“The subway allows you to travel around the city very inexpensively,” said David Dillman, the DECA advisor and marketing teacher at Durango High School.

Over the course of the four days spent in New York City, the Durango DECA group traveled to a number of iconic places including the Empire State Building, Federal Reserve, and the 9/11 memorial museum.

“My favorite part was exploring the MET and just being able to run around and participating in a scavenger hunt that Mr. Dillman prepared for us,” said Valdez.

Although the Durango DECA group was only in the city for four days, they carry memories that last a lifetime and some have aspirations to go on and live in the Big Apple.

“I think at some point in my life I will definitely want live and work in New York. There are so many opportunities and something is always happening ,” said Valdez.