New Year brings nostalgia, new beginnings


Audrey Morris, Co-Head Editor

Welcome to 2016: the year I thought would never come, the year I’ve yearned for and dreaded, the year I graduate. Seniors have made it through 12.5 years of public school: tests, late nights, report cards, college applications. We’re so close…but still so far.

The next few months will be an incredible whirlwind of excitement, nostalgia, stress, and senioritis. Even after finally completing college applications while juggling scholarship applications, friends, sports, clubs, actual classes, sleep, and essential Netflix binging, the hardest part is yet to come.

Decisions are extremely difficult for me. I’m the person who will wait at the top of the ski lift until someone else decides the run, who’ll scroll through movies until a friend exasperatedly choses a title, who never picks the restaurant at lunch. So, imagine me choosing where I’ll spend the next four years of my life.

What if I pick wrong? What if I go to a college and everyone somehow speaks a different language? What if the university I attend happens to fall victim to a giant earthquake? What if the food isn’t even good? There are so many factors to consider when deciding on colleges I don’t even know where to start.

Even if I somehow make a decision instead of curling up in a ball and hyperventilating for the rest of my life, there’s the whole leaving home thing to get over. Everyone says how much they want to get out of Durango, but when it comes down to it, there’s a lot to miss. First of all, most of us have had friends since diapers and have made so many more since. Saying adieu to the people who have been by our sides for as long as we can remember will be more than difficult. Furthermore, Durango is an amazing town: the mountains, skiing, hiking, the river running through town, Zia’s. We’re all going to miss parts of living here whether we admit it or not.

While I’d love to just freeze time for a second or forever to catch my breathe, I can’t. The last semester of senior year is coming in hot, and we’re on the roller coaster whether we like it or not. Choosing a college will be one of the tougher decisions we’ll have to make, but transferring is always an option. Saying goodbye will be even more difficult, but it’s time to experience new things, meet new friends, see new places, and we’ll be back to visit before we know it.

A new year has never hit me quite so hard. 2016 legitimizes “new year, new me” on a whole new level. A lot is going to change, and while some of us might be scared out of our minds, I know we’re ready to conquer senioritis, nostalgia, decision making, and anything else the new year throws at us.