DHS rocks and rolls through fundraising talent show


Sarah Waller, Centerspread Editor

This past holiday season has been full of giving for Durango High School and the surrounding community. From talent shows, to canned food drives, to bell ringing, the school helped make the holidays full of cheer for many unable to provide for their families.

      Every year, Student Council organizes DHS Cares, a week all about encouraging the school and the community to give back to the less fortunate.

     “We give donations given to us by students and the community to non profit organizations. This year, as a school, we donated over 200 canned goods to Manna Soup Kitchen, numerous bags of clothes to Southwest Safehouse, and dozens of toys to Mercy Medical Hospital,” said Sr. Aidan Aggeler.

     DHS Cares gave students an easy option to help out the community during the holidays. Bringing in books that were no longer used, a jacket that was outgrown, or just one can of food was something simple that many of the students at DHS were able to provide.

     “DHS Cares is really nice because all I have to do is bring old clothes or some canned foods to school to donate them and then they’ll go right to a place that needs them,” said So. Brett Rowland.

     This year, a variety show (similar to a talent show)  was also formed during the week of DHS Cares, called DHS Rocks, to raise money for a student at the high school, Dakota Wood, who has multifocal osteomyelitis, a rare bone disease.  Counselor Armeda Winter and her husband, assistant principal Scott Winter, came up with the idea, raising over $5000.                 

       “All of this was raised by students and staff, so DHS raised $5600 leading up to and including the day of DHS Rocks! Escalante also contributed to that total. We also had a donation of $500 given by a community member right after school, so the total for that day was $6100! Since then, others have continued to give various amounts. The day turned out better than we could have imagined,” said assistant principal Scott Winter.

     Each class created a goal of a set amount of money to reach and if they reached that amount, they were able to attend a talent show instead class; this was performed all day with a variety of talents and acts performed by teachers and students.

     “I thought the talent show was a really great way to raise money and a lot of the acts were actually really cool, there were so many different kinds of talent that it never got boring,” said Sr. Maddie Robertson.

     Many other clubs in the high school have also participated in holiday events, like Interact and El Diablo.

     Interact club participated in bell ringing and donated $300 to DHS Rocks. El Diablo adopted a family through Project Merry Christmas and bought gifts, clothes and food for a single mother and her children.

     “Its really nice to be able to give back to a lot of people in need. Bell ringing is always fun because sometimes people will throw in a $20 bill or something like that and it’s really great to see how much everyone cares,” said Interact Club president, Sr. Anne Mummery.