Durango brings ’80s back


Sydney Mattox, Web Editor

Break out those leg warmers and tease that hair up high, because we are taking it back to the ‘80s, baby. This year’s Snowdown theme travels back in time to when Madonna was all the rage and bright-pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow was actually cool.

    “I am excited for this year’s Snowdown theme because it actually won’t be impossible to dress up for,” said Sr. Kyla Candelaria.

     That’s right, shoulder pads and scrunchies are back in, just for the week of Jan. 27th though, so make it count.

     “I’ve only gone to Snowdown a couple of times,” said Durango resident Diane Legner, “But I do think the theme this year is quite clever.”

      If you aren’t sure about how to dress up for the 80’s, here are some ideas on how to achieve that ‘funky fresh’ or ‘bad to the bone’ look.



1. Pull out that huge over-sized chunky sweater, cut the top off and hang it off your shoulder.

2. Wear the tightest pants you own and safety pin the bottoms, for an even tighter look.

3. Find the brightest, most obnoxious neon jewelry and rock it.

4. Buy 10 cans of hairspray and tease your hair until it sticks out away from your head.

5. To top off the look and feel ‘bomb,’ rock some bright pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow.


1. Colorblock silk shirts are the epitome of the 80s, so if you have an old one hanging in the back of your closet, break it out.

2. Fanny packs were all the rage back then, rock one and keep all of your personal belongings close and very accessible.

3. Four finger rings are an easy solution when lacking in the accessories department.

4. Finish off the outfit with a pair of parachute pants or acid wash jeans, and you’ll fit right in with the cast of “Family Ties”.


  If those ideas don’t appeal to you, many on-line sites offer millions of ways to DIY the ‘80s.

     “I am looking forward to dressing up but I am also really excited for the parade and the DHS’ Winter Formal,” said Jr. Livi Curmano.

     This year the Snowdown Light Parade will be held Jan. 29th at 6 p.m. It will be filled with all sorts of different floats decked out in ‘80s gear.

     “I am so ready to rock my neon and make my hair big! The parade is always a classic and it will be sad to watch the last one after twelve years of it,” said Sr. Chloe Ciotti.

     The first event of the Snowdown week begins at 9 a.m. sharp, with the ‘Snowdown Doughdown Doughnut Eating Contest’ at Doughworks bakery.

     So ladies and gentlemen, prepare for another fun filled, event packed week, at this year’s ‘Back to the Eighties’ Snowdown.