Spirit Day for Bullied Youth


Alden Spitzer

On October 15th it was Spirit Day for LGBT youth. The idea was that people would wear purple to show solidarity against bullying. However, when October 15th came around, there was an astounding lack of participation; and the problem seems to be the lack of advertising for the event.

To find out if people knew about the event, students were asked what they thought it might be. “I think it would be about something for school spirit, and school pride,” said Junior Ethan Giersch.

Another student, Jr. Eddie Liaboh was also unaware of spirit day, at least at first. “I do think I heard of that, but not until the day of,” said Eddie.

This was reinforced by Junior Tatum Schmidt, who said, “If you raise awareness, then it’s less likely to happen, and bullying is bad.”

Mr. Liaboh had a similar opinion to some of the other students; he said, “I think it’s a good cause, and it brings more attention to bullying, and the fact that bullying is such a big problem in American high school” .

At least in theory, it seems like people would if participated if they knew about it.

Mrs. Schmidt said “Probably yes, [I would participate] because I know people I would like to support.”

Eddie Liaboh said, “I think so [people would participate if they knew] , yeah, […] it wasn’t really publicized, I think if more people knew about it, yeah.”

It can be easy to disregard bullying and mistreatment of others especially when one has not experienced much bullying first hand. It’s nice to believe people can come together to show strength against mistreatment and prejudice, but it is again proven how difficult it is to rally people for a cause, especially when so many social issues are fighting for our attention.