Artist Profile: Julia Ion


Lauran Morrissey, Arts Editor

What kind of art/medium do you do?

I have been into drawing ever since I was little. I got seriously into art half way through Middle School when I had sort of a “reinvent myself” period. From then on it’s been all art all the time and I’ve realized that’s how I want to live always. I started with only graphite drawing but I’ve got into some more micro pen and ink drawings as well.

What’s your favorite technique?

I’d say micro pens are my favorite because they fit my style the most.

Who inspired you to draw in the first place?

Art kinda runs in my family, so I would say my living environment inspired me to start.

How have you developed most as an artist since you started?

I’ve definitely improved as far as skill goes, and I’m now able to come up with projects and concepts easily whereas when I first started I was mostly just looking at an image and trying to draw it.

Who is your favorite artist/inspiration?

I like so many artists it’s hard to pick one that is my favorite, it’s almost seems unfair in a sense. I also kind of pool inspiration together from many different artists too so I don’t think I could give you a specific artist. Even music stimulates project ideas sometimes.

What would you call your style?

I think you would have to ask other people who know my art to describe what my style is becuase I don’t focus on producing a certain style within my art it just kind of happens naturally. I’ve heard people call it “realistic but graphic,” “moody” and even just “polish” because they know I am polish; there’s no really easy way to describe it.