Bill Nye the Graduation Guy


Ellie Gervais, Photographer

As of today, November 20, there are 198 days until graduation. That gives the senior class 198 days of stress, laughter, studying and more importantly 198 days to seek out a graduation speaker who the class of 2016 believes will present a monumental speech to bring their high school career to a close. The class of 2016 might just be in luck.

It has been said that the one and only Bill Nye the science guy might be a candidate for the spot. He has been contacted and a response is anticipated. Seniors have showed great enthusiasm about Bill being a possible speaker.

“I think Bill Nye being our senior speaker would be pretty hilarious, I feel like it would be very funny, he’s just a childhood memory that I have always listened to in science class, that would be great,” said Sr. Chloe Ciotti.

Alongside of Bill, are other candidates such as Watsky (a famous rapper), and Casey Neimstat (a famous youtuber). However, Bill seems to be the favored option among the senior class.

“I would be so down for Bill Nye the science guy being out senior speaker, but only if he does a scientific trick,” said Sr. Kanyon Mann.

Of course, hopes can’t get too high that Bill will come through, but the possibility is open, and there is always the chance that the speaker would be just as “down” as our seniors.

“I would be so down for Bill Nye because we all grew up with Bill Nye explaining how the solar system works, sadly I don’t think that we have the money for Bill Nye to come,” said Sr. Anne Mummery.

The potential costs of this is high. Bill Nye has a very busy schedule, making the price that much higher.

“It would be really awesome to have bill Nye, but it would be really expensive and it may not be the most realistic option for us financially, we have the money for him to come and stay here, but the cost of him actually speaking is the problem,” said Student Council member, Hailee Pritchard.

With rumors of Bill Nye up in the air, the science guys of Durango High School are just as excited. Not only are the seniors supporting this idea, but a few of the faculty members are just as pleased to hear about the possibility.

“Wow! I think he would be a wonderful speaker. The number of lives he has influenced through the years is tremendous. I believe he would provide great insight into future advancements and occupations for our students,” said (Science) teacher Eric Jackson.

(Science) teacher Tom Grist showed even more enthusiasm when asked his opinion on Bill Nye. “Awesome,” said the loquacious Tom Grist.

A lot can change in 198 days, but until then seniors can trust that our graduation speaker will be a crowd pleaser whether it be Bill Nye or perhaps a star from Reading Rainbow. For now, the class of 2016 can only hope that Bill Nye will be the guy for graduation.