Students Use Tissues for all Their Issues


Jack Eggleston, Reporter

To most, tissues would hardly seem like an issue worth discussion. However, students at Durango High School disagree. Many believe that tissues are a necessity for a classroom environment, yet they have different perspectives on how they are supposed to get there.

Sophomore Annie Watson faces difficulties every time she needs a tissue in class.

“It’s not fair because most of my teachers do not have a Kleenex box in their room, and then when I ask to go to bathroom to get a paper towel, they won’t let me,” said Watson.

Lots of people want tissues in the school but they don’t think about who is going to buy them. Melissa Eggleston, a member of the Durango community, thinks tissues need to be available, and is willing to support the cause.

“I always like to have Kleenex nearby in case I have a cold or get a bloody nose,” said Eggleston. “I am willing to provide my student with a box or two of tissues, and if every student provides one box, then the school will have some left over for the next year.”

Sophomore Steven Sigillito is a former Durango High student, and has spent the 2015 fall semester abroad in England.

“There aren’t any tissues in any of my classrooms in England,” said Sigillito.

He thinks that the students at DHS shouldn’t fret about such an issue.

“Nobody should complain about tissues,” said Sigillito.