Getting Hit Hardest From the Inside Out


Ataley Villasenor, Reporter

Humans have this uncanny ability to push ourselves more than any other person could, it’s a reflection of will power that comes from within and only within. Is it possible that once bullies stop tormenting the kids on the playground, they themselves grow up to be the bully?

“I think everyone has said awful things to themselves that they don’t want anyone to know.” said Sr. Tilly Leeder.

Sometimes the human mind thinks it’s easier to prepare for disappointment than to get excited for a possibility that may not happen.

“I don’t think I criticized myself at all when I was a kid but I definitely do now regularly. I think being a young adult in this specific generation has made it hard to like anything about myself because I’m always told it’s not good enough, so I tell myself that I’m not in return” said Jr. Molly Christensen.

Bullies stopped lurking in the hallways and have migrated into our heads. We often do more damage than anyone else possibly could think of because we see ourselves everyday. In this day and age the bullies are  ourselves more than anyone else.

“These thoughts for me are mostly at night time because you’ve had the day to see others and go through what the day throws at you and you second guess every little thing you did to others and the actions you did personally because you could always have done something better,” said Jr. Baylee Peterson.

Nighttime for students is when they all say hello to these dreaded thoughts again. At night time is endless and these thoughts have a unlimited amount of time to multiply.

“Night has to be the time I dread, my own thoughts start to wonder and once they are on a role there isn’t any way of stopping them. You may even wake up in the morning and realize what you’ve done and try to promise yourself it will never happen again,” said Jr. Matt Moenning.

We as kids use to be scared of the dark because monsters were in the darkness that we couldn’t see past but instead this fear is only inside our own minds. Every student in DHS has been their own worst critic or seen the result of it either way. It connects to our community and the minds of the individuals living here.