The Effects of Peer Pressure


Afton Mann, Reporter

In large atmospheres including school and sports teams, the urge to be like someone else can become evident in ways such as how someone dresses, interacts and activities they are engaged in. Even the friends that are closest can become the most influential in both positive and negative ways. In most cases, input from a close friend can be more beneficial than input from a group.

“Peer pressure can be really hard because sometimes you just want to be accepted and fit in. It has been super helpful in my life to have friends that support you and your decisions and don’t push you past your limits,” said Fr. Abby Matthews.

Most people give into peer pressure because they want to be seen as a popular individual. The ideas that “everyone’s doing it” makes doing things that someone might not be comfortable with seem okay. The long-term affects can lead to life decisions that could ruin many futures.

“Peer pressure can be annoying because I feel like everyone should be able to make their own decisions without the influences of others,” said So. Lana Razma.

It can be hard to deny peer pressure, but in hard situations it is important to have a good friend that has the same standards. This way it becomes easier to say no to the things that aren’t worth getting in trouble for.

“Good friends that have the same morals as you are always the friends to have because they will stand by you no matter what, and always be there for you,” said Fr. Sophie Hughes.

At Durango High School, the most important thing to consider is the consequences that can be caused in these situations. If someone someone else is at risk, or could be harmed physically, if it’s against the law and if there are long-term effects within this action, then the answer should always be no.

“In our school, peer pressure is everywhere. It can be stopped really easily if everyone could stay strong and be able to avoid bad decisions such as drugs, alcohol and many other things,” said Sr. Shaianne Foltz.

Peer pressure is the main cause of many poor decisions in the world today including under age drinking and bullying. No matter the situation, if people learn to say no these decisions won’t affect their futures.