Splitting to Success


Afton Mann, Reporter

Every year dance team works super hard to prepare for school sports events, assemblies, and competitions. This summer Durango High School’s dance team participated in a summer camp in which they qualified for nationals. At this camp dance team members must go to multiple classes to learn dances and then later get evaluated in front of a panel of judges.

“Camp can be very stressful. You learn multiple dances and then you have to perform in front of a lot of judges and all of the people that are doing the camp. Once you are done performing you get evaluated and a judge talks to you, one on one, and tells you how you did, and then they place a ribbon behind your back,” said Fr. Sienna Digacamo.

The Demonette Dance Team earned superior ribbons, which is the highest award you can get, for their home routine and multiple superior ribbons for individual performance. Along with that, most trophies that were awarded during this event were given to Durango High School Dance Team.

“As a team, this year, we have been doing super good as far as camp went, and we feel confident for upcoming competitions. Over the summer we attended a camp, and were one other best teams there, we earned many more awards in comparison to other teams. One of the only cons about dance team is that we aren’t recognized as much as other sports and many people have said that dance isn’t a sport. I wish they could come to one of our practices and see what we actually do,” said So. Alison Hall.

As competition season is coming closer, Dance Team is preparing a state routine that they will perform at multiple competitions including a home competition, a competition in Pagosa Springs, regionals, state, and possibly nationals if they raise enough money. With many upcoming events, dance team spends an average of eight hours a week at practice, not including expected individual practice.

“We have been working super hard as a team this year for upcoming competitions. Competition will be rough, but this is by far the most potential team we have had in a long time. If all goes well, I am hopeful dance team is going to make the top five at state this year,” said coach Taylor Thompson.

This season has been particularly busy for dance team as they have been fundraising and trying to build school spirit through events like man poms and mini poms.

“We have been working super hard as team this year to raise school spirit and get more money in order for our dance team to eventually go to nationals. Some of the events that we have worked on for spirit were man poms, which was really hard because we had to find practice times that all the guys could make it to, and it was over homecoming week which is super busy for dance team. Also, we did mini poms, which helped a lot with fundraising. I think we had about twenty-five little girls,” said So. Jasmine Madril.

Hours add up for these events, as dancers have to take time during lunch and after practice to prepare for the responsibilities that come with these events. Overall, dance team is always very busy and working really hard to be the best they can be.

“We go to eight hours of dance a week, and then if we have other events such as mini poms, we spend another hour after our daily two hour practices with the little girls, and then man poms was on our own free time. We also spend our weekends at competitions or performing at games,” said Sr. Tanessa Farley.

Dance Team hopes to do well at state and have the best competition seen in a long time. With the support of coaches and other peers Durango High School Dance Team is working to make this season one of the best ones yet.