Homecoming Proposals


Tatum Behn, Reporter

Every year homecoming rolls around accompanied by the endless crescendo of, “who are you asking to homecoming?” Each year, the students of DHS never fail to disappoint with new and creative proposal ideas.

“I asked my girlfriend to homecoming with my truck. I had a big white banner and wrote ‘homecoming?’ across it in large letters while holding up a sign that read, ‘Can you dig it?’ with balloons in the back of my car. I wanted to make it a big gesture so that she knew that I wasn’t embarrassed to be with her, and wanted everyone to know,” said So. Ty Westcott.

Some students prefer to be asked to homecoming in more personal and private ways, because they don’t like being the center of attention.

“I found an envelope in my car with my name on it and it told me to open it when I got home, and Drew and I followed each other to my house, then when I got home I opened the back of my car to find a giant teddy bear, a normal sized teddy bear, white roses, a banner with “hoco?” written on it and many balloons written with qualities about me he likes. It was a really sweet gesture and more of a personal thing, so I’m glad he didn’t do it in front of a lot of people,” said So. SheaLynn Baca.

Although quieter gestures are always nice, students always wonder, what is it like to get asked to homecoming in front of the entire school? Maddie Robertson, a senior at DHS, was originally asked to homecoming by Cole Johnson. Although she went with Cole, she was also nominated for queens with Mason Stetler.

“Cole asked me when we were decorating the school, he was who I went to homecoming with. Being asked to homecoming by Mason in front of the school was fun, he’s one of my best friends so it was just a friendly deal. He really crushed it with the song and it was nice to see him show off his talent,” said Robertson.

No matter how big or small a gesture, DHS sees new homecoming proposals each year, and they seem to just be getting better. Although proposal ideas are only one piece of a puzzle, students are already looking forward to a great homecoming next year.