Homecoming Follow Up


Brianna Brown, Reporter

The week of October 12, Durango High School was filled with magical Homecoming festivities. Every day students gathered together to enjoy “Spellbound Homecoming.” The Homecoming events consisted of quidditch, macho man, powder puff, a bonfire, a tailgate before a volleyball and a football game and the dance on Saturday.

Student Council put in a lot of time and effort to set up and make this Homecoming  the best they could. They spent many long hours at the school and at the dance making everything look spectacular.

“The set up in the school took about seven hours and the set up for the dance took about two. I spent ten hours working on the queens videos that ended up not working due to wrong formatting and a glitch in the flash drive,” said Student Council member Jr. Lauren Biery.

Some Animas High School students participated in  homecoming events and students that were not enrolled in DHS also were allowed to enjoy all events as well.

“I was at macho man, the bonfire and also got invited to attend the school dance. It was a lot of fun and I was glad I got to help DHS celebrate their special week,” said Jr. Celia Hale, an AHS student.

With Homecoming comes the great battle for King and Queen. This year, volleyball nominees Elle Gervais and Terrence Trujillo won King and Queen, followed by second place band nominees, Sierra Trout and Matthew McLaughlin, and third place Student Council nominees Maddie Robertson and Mason Stetler.

“Hearing my name being called was really exciting. This was actually my first and last homecoming experience. But it was so fun spending it being Queen. Student Council did a really good job putting it together and I had so much fun dancing with Terrence and my friends. It made for a perfect first and last,” said Gervais.

Some freshmen of Durango High School spent their first homecoming dance Saturday October 17 2015, and noticed that high school dancing is exceptionally different from middle school dances.

“My first homecoming experience was great. It was different from middle school dances because no one really danced in middle school. Being a freshman there was not so bad because nobody really paid attention to us,” said Fr. Natalie Biery.

Administration and teachers were present at all the events. They watched the students have fun and get closer together while ensuring that everyone was safe and respectful.

“I thought it was the best Homecoming I have ever been to. I thought there were so many kids with so much spirit. Students were well-behaved, appropriate, respectful and seriously it looked like our kids were having the best time,” said assistant principal April Neibauer.