Favorite Spots in Durango


Tatum Behn, Reporter

Many consider Durango to be one of the most beautiful locations in Colorado. Locals in Durango tend to favor certain locations around the town more than others. However numerous factors apply, when considering these locations, such as the seasonal changes.

“My favorite spot is downtown Durango,” said Fr. Lily Chick. “I like seeing tourists so excited and I love the authenticity of it all. However, I like it most in the fall, because the colors on the leaves are changing and the trees are so vibrant which just brings out the colors of downtown more,” said Chick.

Downtown Durango is a popular location for everyone that visits because of its unique appeal and central location.  Other locals enjoy more secluded spots such as hiking trails, camping locations or surrounding mountains of Durango.

“I really enjoy La Plata Canyon because I love the outdoors and it’s one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen,” said So. Teagan Garand. “I used to go jeeping with my dad up there when I was little, and I always thought it was prettiest in the fall. Between the great hiking spots, camping and views, La Plata Canyon is definitely my favorite spot in Durango,” said Garand.

Some of the most favorable spots however, are nonexistent now. The tree net at Fort Lewis College was recently cut down, much to the dismay of many Durango locals, as well as  high schoolers at Durango High School.

“I was really disappointed that the tree net at the Fort was cut down. I really enjoyed going there when I was bored and when I was with my friends. It was the prettiest at night and it’s just such a bummer I can’t go there anymore,” said Jr. Lindsay Brown.

Durango is also home to numerous hiking trails, all of which are equally pretty and favored by locals. Tourists can also find solace in the natural beauty of Colorado right out their window.

“My favorite spot in Durango is definitely the Animas Mountain trail. I love going right in the early evening, before the sun sets. Originally I found Animas by recommendation, but now I know I would’ve stumbled upon it eventually. I run or hike it every time I come back to Durango because it’s a great place to overlook the town, relieve stress, and get outside,” said Washington resident Alexis Moore.

There are many popular locations not only in Durango, but around Durango as well. Silverton is only a stone’s throw away and is also visited by locals who prefer locations there.

“My favorite location is Ice Lakes, up in Silverton. It’s honestly the most beautiful place I’ve been. I like going in the summer because the flowers are all in bloom and the lake is so blue it’s stunning. It’s a hard hike, but it gives you time to reflect and enjoy where we live, and realize how lucky we are,” said So. Elanah Kalinowska.

Many residents of Durango realize that we live in one of the prettiest places in the world, and embrace that through favorite locations around town or hiking trails. It’s no secret, Durango has many beautiful locations, you just have to go out and find them.