Parking Lot Peaches


Brooke Mazur, Reporter

There are plenty food options for students around Durango, but not all of them are healthy. Many fast food joints are within walking distance from the school so many students go there for the quick service and cheap prices. However, there is a fruit and vegetable stand called MLS Fruit just on the outskirts of the DHS parking lot.

The stand sells a variety of foods: fruits and vegetables alike.

“All produce fresh from the Grand Valley area. Anything you could think of: peaches, apples, melons, nectarines, they sell it all,” said Security Specialist Steve Kerchie.“It has been several years and the stand has gotten more popular every year.”

The stand is Colorado grown, “All of our produce is colorado raised in the Grand Junction, Palisade area with the exception of the watermelon which we procure from Green River Utah, because it’s the best. In addition, myself and the other owner with me own an orchard in Palisade which contains 350ish fruit trees that we raise and sell in Durango. But everything we sell isn’t mine, it’s a mix of ours and multiple neighbors. And of course the corn is purchased from Olathe in route to Durango from Palisade,” said owner Matt Hauser.

“We get our produce from Palisade,” said co-owner Jeremy Schwigger, “we’re just here in the summer, just Colorado produce.”

The stand has been going strong for ten years now and is attracting attention from students.

“I’ve never been to the fruit stand but I have heard that the food is amazing and I really want to try it sometime at lunch,” said So. Chance Guffey.

The students who are on a budget and have time at lunch are beginning to look at the healthy alternative at the edge of the school lot.

“Sometimes I eat really unhealthy, and with such fresh food so close it will be nice to have some variety in my diet,” said Guffey.

Organic, homegrown food can be a rarity in a high schooler’s diet, but having the option so close to them makes it possible for them to begin to venture out of their comfort zone consisting of sodas and burritos.

“Fresh local produce is a great thing to bring available to the community,” said Matt Hauser.