Spiking Awe into Hearts of Fans


Sarah Waller, Centerspread Editor

As the season comes to an end, Durango High School’s volleyball team has had a season full of change, excitement and goodbyes. With varsity having a 17 player roster, every player has worked extremely hard and has fought through every point.

This year’s season has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, however it has also come with great accomplishment. With seven seniors, varsity was a team full of veterans, who all had the ability to better the ball.

“I’ve been an outside hitter for varsity for three years. I know what it’s like to sit the bench and I know what it’s like to play every single game. It’s been exciting to watch the team grow throughout the season, especially this year with being a senior,” said Sr. Maddie Robertson.

The team has been on streaks of winning and losing, but managed to peak in the latter part of their league games, coming up with some exhilarating wins.

“On homecoming, we played Grand Junction, who we had already lost to a couple weeks earlier. We got ourselves in a two game hole and if we lost the third one, they would have won the match. However we came out strong the third game and beat them in five games,” said Jr. Josie Surmeier.

With a large amount of juniors on the team along with three sophomores, the future of varsity is already full of talent.

“Although we’ve never done a 17 person team before, I think it’ll be really good for the team next year and the year after that, cause we are all practicing as one varsity team and we are all learning from each other and getting better together,” said Animas High School Sr. Lia Henricksen.

The team is full of depth in each position and knowing that whoever comes on the court in any position will do their job reassures the players that they are strong in every direction. With a few injuries and absences throughout the season, players have had to step up.

“I’ve definitely been bounced around between playing in the JV and varsity game. Sometimes I’ll get thrown in a varsity game at a really intense point and I just have to shake of the nerves and play my game,” said So. Brett Rowland.

Although the record for varsity doesn’t exactly show the amount of talent on the team, it can exemplify the amount of hard work and dedication they have put into turning the season around and performing at the level they know they can succeed at.

“Our record is definitely not the the best but I think if you look at it holistically, you can see that we’ve really learned a lot this season and have gotten a lot better as the season went along,” said So. Lana Razma.

At the beginning of the season, such a big team made players nervous that the team wouldn’t be able to bond as well and become a family. However countless team dinners and road trips solved the problem.

“We have team dinners every night before a game or before we travel. It really helped with making the team close and with everyone really getting to know each other,” said Sr. Leah Stephens.

The girls have also bonded through things like hair. On a never ending bus ride to Denver, the assistant coach Marie Creech cornrowed every player’s. With matching braids, the team showed up to the gym next day ready to compete.

“It was really fun all getting our hair cornrowed. It gave us all a little bit of confidence and swagger in a way and it made us look a little more intimidating. It was fun beating some big 5A teams with hair like that. It just really added to the whole effect,” said Sr. Addison Swift.