Shooting for Success


Lucas Robbins, Student Life Editor

As the temperature and sports move indoors, some call it a season, successful or not. For the Boys’ Golf Team, it was a successful season, in which was entered with extremely high expectations for the season: win regionals.

“My expectations for the season were to shoot in the 60’s and as a team to win every tournament that we played. Having four starting varsity seniors is rare, and I felt it should be easy to capitalize,” said Sr. Cy Spicer.

Led by a solid returning Varsity squad: Eric Walker, Cameron Barnhardt, Cory Gillespie, and Spicer, the team started out strong and only improved.

With Gillespie coming off of a hard elbow surgery, and right in the midst of the swing of things, Walker broke a couple of ribs. Both put their injuries behind them and continued to help push the team to new heights.

The golf team does not only specialize in golf, but also in bowling. Between the first and second tournaments on each trip to Montrose, the Boys’ Golf team makes the trip to a local bowling alley. Where golf is all but forgotten and friendly wagers take over.

“Bowling’s a fun stress reliever after a long day. I enjoy it, and it brings us together as a team,” said So. Kyle Pritchard.

Pritchard’s thoughts were reiterated by head coach, Kirk Rawles; as bowling not only brings the team together, but also relieves stress in a very mental game.

“Bowling helps keep everyone loose in a sport that can be mentally very challenging.  It builds team camaraderie and gets everyone rooting for each other both on and off the course,” said Rawles.

As the bowling fades, a more prominent date takes over: regionals. Last year they were held here in Durango, but this year it was transferred all the way up to Steamboat. Making the trips with the four seniors, were coaches Kirk Rawles and Kermitt Barrett.

Coming off of two consecutive regional wins, the Demons wanted to make it a three-peat. This year’s regional tournament was a little closer of a competition between the Demons and their host.

“There was a lot of pressure but we are all good tournament players and we all play pretty well when we need it. We just looked at it as a normal tournament,” said Gillespie.

Down by 7 with 9 to play many would have thought for the Demons to be out of it, but they were anything besides that.

“With the live scoring we could see where we were on every hole.  We were seven strokes back at one point, but the team played the last nine holes in one under par to force the playoff.  Cameron birdied 16 & 17, Eric birdied 18 and Cy birdied 17 which was pretty exciting,” said Rawles.

Coming down the final stretch, clutch shots were made forcing the Demons and Sailors into a sudden death playoff for the win.

“We played the way we usually play. We knew that if we got on in two we could all make birdies and we all know that birdies generally win in a playoff situation,” said Gillespie.

Durango will say goodbye to four varsity seniors after the season, but right behind them are three juniors: Lucas Robbins, Kobe Szura, Robby Grogan, and one Sophomore, Kyle Pritchard, who are ready to lead the team.

“They will be missed.  When you spend 4 years with really quality individuals it  is such a pleasure to coach and have the fun that we did. I am optimistic going into next year.  This team has definitely raised the bar with three straight Regional Championships, but we have a talented group ready to step in,” said Rawles.