Another Second Round Finish


Rose Fox, Features Editor

The DHS boys soccer team is about to enter their final game to follow up seven prior wins. From the perspective of most players and fans, it has been a successful season.

Their second to last game may have been the most meaningful of the season. They were playing against a rival team, the Montrose Indians. Durango took the game with a final score of 1-0 and that single goal was scored in the 16th minute of overtime.

After a 90 minute stalemate between the two teams, players were fighting hard to finish the game. Sophomore Eli Fenton was responsible for this game ending goal.

“It was a great feeling. Not only for me but knowing it was what we deserved as a team,” said Fenton.

Such an incredible finish drew the entire team into a frenzy and sent the players on the sidelines sprinting onto the field to celebrate their teammate’s goal. DHS was trying to redeem themselves from a 3-0 loss to the Indians earlier this season; this game more than made up for the prior loss.

The bleachers were packed with eager fans just waiting to see how the game would end up. One member of the crowd had an extra special connection. DHS Alum Austin Scalf is also a former player for the boys high school team and joined the team on the bench.

“Once the current team went into overtime, it felt all too familiar. I had an inkling we would win, and when the ball found the back of the net, it was just like winning back then. Leading the celebratory charge out onto the field was exhilarating,” said Scalf.

Everyone in attendance of the game would agree that the boys played very well. “The boys brought a high level of intensity the entire game, the entire defense played solid and simple and very well,” said Scalf.

For all of the seniors playing on the team this year, the end of the season is a bittersweet reality. Throughout the four years of high school, players are able to form strong bonds with the rest of their team. Packing up, heading to college and leaving your team behind is a hard thing to do.

Senior Jared Webster said, “It’s really sad. My four years at DHS have flown by. Hopefully, we can do well in the postseason and make it a year to remember.” Webster has played soccer all four years, and was on varsity for his junior and senior year.

Since time is running out in the glory days of high school, Webster has to make the most of his last season. “This is the hardest working group and the most fun to be around which just makes for a great season. I think the win gave us the confidence and momentum to do great things during playoffs,” said Webster.

Due to the team’s incredible win against Montrose, they were a game away from the league championships and they successfully made it. On October 26th, the boys team were lucky enough to host a first round playoff game on their home field. The outcome was a win against Denver West 2-1 after a full game plus some extra time. Sophomore Saylor Longfellow was responsible for both goals scored during the game.

“It really was an incredible feeling scoring the two goals that won the game for us. Not only that but having the opportunity to host the first playoff game on our turf was pretty sweet,” said Longfellow.