Small Town Secrets


Molly Matava, Reporter

What is it like to keep a secret? Keeping secrets is so hard while living in a small town because everyone seems to know everyone else’s business. Many people find it hard to keep a secret, especially if it involves another friend or someone close to them.

“I have had friends and family trust me with secrets. Once I had to keep the secret of our friend’s proposal from his girlfriend,” said Sr. Emily Eshelman.

The mountainous town of Durango has a lot of local secrets. Keeping a secret in such a small town makes it common for locals to know almost all the same secrets.

One of the many local secrets about Durango includes the stunning view of the Durango tree net. The tree net is a paracord net that is hung in a tree to supply a jaw-dropping view of Durango. It is common for the tree net to get cut down, which is the current case.

Animas High School Senior and tree net expert Alex Caplin said, “The tree net gives me a place to relax and be myself. The funny thing about the tree net is that it always gets taken down, but it always finds a new home.”

Along with the view that the tree net leaves in the thoughts of others, nothing can beat the night view of Smelter mountain. Smelter mountain gives locals a place to enjoy the scenic nature of Durango and a memory that only a local would understand. Most local high schoolers go up to Smelter for a flawless view.

“The view at the top is amazing and it’s a fun ride too, if you have the right car,”said Sr. Seth Gilleland, who visits Smelter Mountain regularly.

Secrets aren’t limited to the best hangout spots in town, though. Secrets are hidden in every local when living in such a close community town.

“I think that the Durango ABC’s are pretty exclusive to locals, especially teens,” said So. Joe Lawton.

If someone were to ask a tourist about the ABC’s they wouldn’t even know what they were, but if they ask any local they can tell you that the ABC’s are a series of bridges and cliffs to jump off of and into the Animas river. The ABC’s stand for: Adrenaline, Baker’s, and Cascade.

“The ABC’s are pretty fun during the summer. Adrenaline is by far my favorite, but it’s really cold. Bakers is fun and all, but is really sketchy unless it is jumped during the right time of the year,” said DHS alum Matthew Lavengood.

Durango is a special place to all locals. Locals all seem to know the same secrets about where the best place to eat is, where the best coffee is, and where the best view is. Thank goodness for locals. Maybe not all secrets are such a bad thing after all.