Taking Home Gold


Camille Jacobs, Reporter

Many people would say the cross-country season was a success, despite the challenges the team has faced.

With practice every weekday and meets on the weekends, athletes continue to improve throughout the season. Senior Will Chandler had a great season, though it did not come easily for him.

“I have held myself to really high standards as an athlete this year. This season has been hard, I won’t lie,” said Chandler.

Throughout the season, the athletes have continued to show improvement in practices and meets, meeting the expectations of the coaches and their teammates. The cross country team had seven meets this season including: Pre-State, the Battle Mountain invitational, their home meet, Desert Twilight, meets in Cortez and Pagosa Springs and Regionals. The boys won every meet, including their home meet at Fort Lewis and Regionals in Delta, Colorado.

“I would have to say that Beaver Creek was my favorite meet. From dinner, to trying to fit four people in a two-man tent. It was all around a lot of fun,” said Jr. Sam Dippold.

Not only did the athletes work hard this season, but so did the coaches. When people think of cross country, they think of running but not many people think of everything that goes into it. Coach and Spanish teacher Brett Wilson had lofty goals for the season.

“The goals that I had for the athletes this year was that they prepare themselves as best as they can so they can compete well. Another goal that I have that I think is more important is that the athletes learn to be really positive contributors to society, to school, to family and to the team. That’s the number one thing for me,” said Wilson.

With success comes challenges. Sophomore Will Swenson had some struggles that didn’t stop him from the outcome that he strived for, which was all around a great race to help contribute to their undefeated record.

“I had some shin-splints in the beginning of the season that weren’t fun to deal with, but luckily they didn’t hinder me from running meets,” said Swenson.

Many of the athletes would say that there were some great memories from the season, but each athlete has a favorite.

“The highlight of the season was the Cascade Retreat at the very beginning of the season because it set the tone for the rest of the year and we began to understand each other as a team and where we wanted the season to go,” said Jr. Harry Steinberg.

Several athletes continued to show what they know at the state meet in Colorado Springs on Oct. 31. Dedication and hard work allowed the boys to take home the state championship title as they pushed through to the end. This was a huge success for the entire team as this was the first team state title since 1999.