You Know You’re a Tourist When…


Molly Matava and Aleashea Prescott

You Know You’re a Tourist When…

Durango, Colorado is a tourist town. Some tourists blend in, while others don’t. To locals, there are many stereotypes that come to mind when tourists are mentioned. Some enjoy a nice ride on the trolley for the whole day, while others enjoy the scenic views consisting of flowers, mountains, the Strater Hotel and of course deer.

Many places have a problem with rats, pigeons, or other annoying animals or rodents.

Most locals think of deer as the rats of our town. They are always around and mostly in an inconvenient way. We also have this obnoxious and nettlesome transportation known as the train.

Who knows when traffic will be completely stopped just because the train decides to pull out–and back in, then out–and back in, but tourists simply love watching it until it is completely out of sight.

For many locals, it is intriguing to watch the foreigners swerve over double yellow lines and almost cause a five car pile up just to take a picture of the fast moving mountains, while for others it is an area of aggravating stress and “would you please drive faster”.

Regardless of how tourists may appear, the unanimous voice of Durango believes that you know you’re a tourist when…

“You wear a fanny pack and tall white socks with your sandals,” said Jr. Baylee Peterson. Who knows, maybe that’s the latest fashion.

“You have a thing for khaki,” said Fr. Tarynn Lopez. Hey, if it’s made of khaki, t’s gonna be called tacky!

“You wear a winter jacket when it’s 50 degrees outside,” said Sr. Dillon Flowers. Brrrr.

“You take a picture of a deer,” said Fr. Dylan Baken, who apparently has something against images of deer. (Don’t worry, so does the rest of Durango)

“You pronounce Flo-ri-da Road as Florida,” said DHS history teacher Robert Logan. Raise your hand if you pronounce both of those words the same. WRONG!

“You wear short shorts and a sun hat,” said Fr. Joe White. Cover up those legs!

“You wear your sunglasses around your neck,” said So. Manasseh Brockus.

“Your fanny pack accounts for 50% of your body weight,” said Fr. Nick Dudley. It isn’t very handy if it can’t fit in the fanny…pack.

“You wonder when the deer turn into elk,” said Health teacher Tim Fitzpatrick. And what a beautiful metamorphosis it would be.

“You look up basic locations on your GPS,” said Fr. Felicity DeWeese. Take a u-turn at the next available area.

“You take up the whole sidewalk and walk two miles an hour,” said Fr. Maggie Bachman.

“We have to take a picture of that!” said Science teacher Eric Jackson.