Serving it Home: Tennis Kills it


Braden Higby, Reporter

This season of boys’ tennis seems to have come and gone rather fast due to only having eight matches and two tournaments. This season didn’t turn out to be an ace, but all in all it was a successful year. The team won and lost three matches and placed 13th at Western Slope, first place at Delta County and fourth at regionals. They also sent their number one singles player, Fred Edwards, to state.

However, what turned out to be more important to the boys’ tennis team than winning was improving, and although the team might have had a rough start, they made up for it as the season progressed.

“I think we definitely improved. Throughout the year we played a lot better and were able to beat teams that we weren’t able to beat before,” said So. Lucas Jernigan.

This season, like any other, was full of ups and downs. It’s clear that sometimes the toughest opponent wasn’t the person on the other side of the net.

“My worst experience was during a tennis trip when I got super sick and threw up at a Golden Corral,” said So. Luke Meyer.

The team had a lot of new additions this year. It also had players who moved up the ranks and got to travel with varsity for the first time.

“My best experience this season was being able to travel for the first time and be able to play tennis and hang out with my friends,” said Meyer.