Should Sophomores be Allowed Free Periods?


Max Wilson, Reporter

Should Sophomores Be Allowed Free Periods?

Having seven classes a day can quickly become overwhelming, especially for underclassmen because they are not use to the challenges of high school.  One of the luxuries that upperclassman obtain is the incorporation of free periods into their challenging schedules. Many sophomores have busy schedules as well, so the question arises, why aren’t sophomores allowed free periods?

“I wish we could have free periods because I think it would help me a lot in my other classes,” said So. Amina Youssef.

By their senior year, many students have all of their necessary credits for graduation, yet still are only allowed two free periods because of school rules. Many students would like to have a free period in their sophomore year to help them with their other classes.

“I think I’ll have all my credits by senior year and if we are not allowed to have more than two free periods, we should be able to get one now,” said So. Saylor Longfellow.

Some students are taking accelerated courses or Advanced Placement (AP) classes as a sophomore. With a free period, students have the opportunity to seek help or do work for these challenging courses.

“Since I’m a little ahead in math and taking a lot of honors classes, I think that if  I had a free period it would really help me not to get overwhelmed by work and give me time to study,” said So. Dragon Cruz- Yen.

After four years at DHS, most seniors have obtained all credits necessary to graduate before the end of the year . Some students opt to graduate earlier and meet the required credits, but others are stuck taking unnecessary classes so they can keep playing sports. Many seniors wish they would have been able to have a free period sophomore year since they cannot now.

“If sophomores have a ton of credits early on and are ahead academically then they should be allowed free periods. When I was a sophomore I really wanted one and didn’t think it was fair,” said Sr. Aidan Aggeler.

Many teachers also believe that sophomores should be able to have free periods because they believe that it would be beneficial to the students who need help in their other classes and would push kids to keep a 4.0.

“I think sophomores should be allowed to have free periods if they are bringing a 4.0 in with them. Free periods should be a reward for having a high GPA and for working hard in other classes,” said English teacher Dan Garner.