New iPhone 6s excites loyal users


Jaden Rioux, Reporter

Just like seemingly every other fall, Apple has released a brand new iPhone and this model has a variety of brand new features. The iPhone 6s was released September 25th and although it’s not a lot different, there are quite a few notable new qualities. One of the most talked about includes the new “rose gold” color of the phone and it’s certainly appealing to many.

Freshman Abby Schell is one of the many people to own an iPhone 6s and she enjoys it, apart from a few mishaps, “My favorite feature is how hard I can press so I can get snapshots of what I’m looking at but the screen can be a bit too sensitive.” said Schell.

Besides the new color, there are quite a few new software features and an elongated battery life. The camera offers a “live photo” feature which allows user to take bursts of photos to create a Harry Potter-like moving photo.

Not everyone has the luxury of the new iPhone and Fr. Emily Henning from West Linn High School only wants it for the bragging rights.

“I want it because everyone else has it honestly. There’s nothing special about it but it’s exciting and new, therefore I want it,” said Henning.

Non-Apple product owners do not see what the hype is over the new phone. Senior Jenna Tuck is perfectly happy with her phone and has no desire to have an iPhone.

“I don’t like them because their products are all proprietary for Apple, meaning you have to buy all their things to operate them.” Tuck said.

Whether or not the iPhone 6s is worth the whopping $649 is entirely a matter of opinion, but for those who love iPhones it seems to be quite an exciting new product.