Arc of History: Vandals strike again


Kenna Willis, Reporter

On July 29, 2015 at 7am, the Durango Police Department received a phone call regarding the controversial statue “The Arc of History”. The statue had been smashed with sledgehammers and many of the rocks had been broken off.

“When the statue was put up, I thought that it was stupid and that they should have put something else up. To this day, I am still afraid that I am going to run into it while I’m driving,” said Jr. Reagan Bennett.

The statue has received a lot of negative feedback and has been vandalized many times but this vandalism has always been in jest and involved people putting costumes onto the statue.

“My favorite costume it has had is the Barney/dinosaur costume,” said Jr. Atira Tracy.

The use of the sledge hammer was the first type of malicious vandalism that was performed on the statue and will most likely be impossible to fix.

“This is a crime. I feel like it was a dumb idea that was created while people were partying and the people who committed the crime should pay for it,” said teacher Mrs. Dillman.

However, many people do not see this act as a crime that people should pay for.

“I think it’s kind of funny,” said Jr. Maya Bradshaw.

However, this act may cost the taxpayers and the city of Durango $28,000, and that is not funny.