Theatre Troupe Gains Respectable Mentor


Brooke Mazur, Reporter

The Theater Troupe 1096 has had some accomplished directors in the past and is now adding a new member to that team. Benjamin Mattson is a seasoned director and actor that the Troupe has met with open arms. Everyone has been welcoming and are trying to make him feel at home in the school.

“I still can’t believe how helpful everyone is,” said Mattson.

While he was in college, Mattson directed and later started a theater group in Minneapolis.

“I directed The Fantastics right before I took this job. I’ve performed a lot: Sweeney Todd up at San Juan College and in Footloose; there were a lot of Durango High School kids in that one,” said Mattson.

He has been enjoying getting to know all of the students and learning more about everyone as a group.

“Everyone seems so unique and special and everyone has their own sense of humor,” said Mattson.

Troupe 1096 has accomplished some amazing things over the years, including being nominated in the 2015 Bobby G Awards,

“The ambition that this Troupe has is so great and right now I don’t want to pull anything back,.” said Mattson.

Theater is a very tight knit group and bringing in a new director is definitely a new experience..

“I think he is going to be a nice change for the group. He has a new way of thinking and I think he is a great match,” said Jr. Ataley Villaseñor. “He thinks of things, and not only theater- wise; he thinks of emotions and hardships very differently. He’s one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met,” said Villaseñor.

Those who have worked with Mattson in the past are very excited to work with him again in a learning environment.

“Mr. Mattson is very light and friendly to work with, and in class and in rehearsals while establishing authority and rule, he creates a nice and productive work environment,” said So. Curtis Salinger. “I worked with Mr. Mattson as my vocal director in Sandstone’s production of Footloose,” said Salinger.

Bringing in a new teacher is often times a hard transition. However, according to the students, they could not be happier to have Mattson.

“I think he is a very good influence on us theater kids and having seen him in Rent, I am very confident in his talent as an actor and his commitment to the art,” said Salinger.

Sidebar: “All I’m focused on is making sure that students get the same quality education that they have been getting. That the shows remain the same quality that they have been and that all the opportunities that have been found for these students, stay,” said Mattson