Magical Movies, Meeting Celebrities, Making Memories in the Mountains


Maggie Maloney, Reporter

Telluride, Colorado is a beautiful town filled with many adventures and all of its insanely amazing activities, including one popular event: The Telluride Film Festival. The Telluride Film Festival is an event held during Labor Day weekend where celebrities from all over come to show off upcoming movies they were involved in.

“The Telluride Film Festival is my favorite event to go to every year,” said Jr. Julianne Marqua, from Animas High school. Each year there is always something to look forward to, whether they are locals or visitors, the Film Festival is always looked forward to.

“My favorite part about going to the Film Festival is meeting all the famous people,” said So. Catie Marqua. The Telluride Film Festival had many celebrities that attended this year including Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Johnny Depp, Seth Rogen, Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton and many more. The festival hosts many celebrities from Margaret Hamilton to Channing Tatum.

The film festival started in August of 1974 and plans to continue for many more years to come.
“One thing I look forward to coming in Telluride every year is it’s amazing views and the excitement of meeting new people and watching the movies,” said Deb Barton a woman from Austin, Texas, who comes to Telluride every year for the annual Film Festival. “ I also truly enjoy the beautiful views Telluride has to offer, and I wish I could visit more than once every year,” said Barton.

“My favorite celebrity I met in Telluride was Seth Rogen, because he was a really funny person and just someone I’ve always wanted to meet,” said So. Tatum Behn. Behn met many people while in Telluride, but her favorite was most definitely Seth Rogen,“I enjoyed meeting Seth Rogen due to his incredible personality.”

The Telluride Film Festival only lasts around five days and never ceases to amaze people day by day. Most attendees wish they could stay longer or find a way to watch every movie while still enjoying the beauty of the town.

“I wish I could’ve stayed in Telluride longer to enjoy the beautiful views it had to offer, see more movies and meet more people,” said So. Brianna Brown.  Although Brown was only there two days she said, “I had a great time and I can’t wait for next year to come along, and get to see what new things it has to offer.”

During the Film Festival, there are many things for a newcomer to do, whether buying a pass to see all the showings of the movies, or the passes for the Q and A’s which is with the celebrity or director themselves. If someone doesn’t come with passes they can still attend each event and meet celebrities and enjoy the beautiful town. No matter what the experience, it is never one to  forget.