Trails 2000 has Big Impact on High School Scene


Camille Jacobs, Reporter

For over 20 years, Trails 2000 has been making, maintaining, and educating people about the variety of trails around the Durango area. Due to the work that volunteers put into making the trails, locals and tourists are able to enjoy the great outdoors while getting exercise on the fun trails provided.

“It’s [Sailing Hawks] well maintained and it’s not too steep yet still makes you keep your eyes on the trail,” said Animas So. Grace Frideger, who enjoys using trails for running and hiking.

Because of all the effort put in by volunteers, everyone has great access to the excellent trail systems that are a good source of exercise and fun. One of Trails 2000’s goals is to modernize trail systems for recreation so that they connect friends and family in the community. So. Emma Vogel, uses the trails at least every weekend during the school year, demonstrating what great use the trails are to people throughout the community.

“I like Ella Vida and Telegraph. Ella Vida because it is challenging and Telegraph because it is a really hard uphill and a really fun downhill,” said Vogel.

Trails 2000 has many purposes, but a big one is to bring people together who love the outdoors through trail building and recreation. Many people in Durango enjoy getting outside, showing how Trails 2000 is a great non-profit organization that enables people to do that.

“I haven’t been around for most of the building days recently, but I’ve done quite a bit in the past, being a Devo team member requires volunteering with Trails 2000 once a season. It’s really cool on new trails to watch it all take shape, and then when you ride it you connect how you ride it to how it was built and it adds to the experience,” said Sr. Bryce Gordon.

Another purpose of trail building with Trails 2000, are to enhance the outdoors, the quality of life within the community, along with helping the youth of Durango enjoy the outdoors. Trails 2000 not only en
courages kids to go outside, but rather the whole community.

David Vogt, Football coach and Health Ed. teacher at Durango High School, loves going outside and getting exercise by using some of the trails around Durango.

“Phil’s World is awesome. It’s just the funnest bike trail that I’ve done around this area,” said Vogt.

With all the great access to trails around Durango, people can bond with family and friends.

Sophomore Adam Julian, is on the Cross Country team at DHS and finds the trails around durango very useful for getting somewhere quickly or for warming up. “In the morning, I sometimes walk on the trails and use it to come back to my house for lunch,” said Julian.