Volleyball: No JV, No Problem


Brianna Brown, Reporter

At Durango High School, Volleyball is very competitive which leads to difficult decisions and many cuts. During the 2015 fall volleyball season, the coaching staff, consisting of Varsity coach Colleen Vogt, JV coach Marni Seserman and assistant Varsity coaches Maria Creach and Erika Sanazoni, made the hard decision to eliminate the JV team.

The new change means that 18 girls are on varsity and 14 are on C-team. The team still has a full schedule of JV games, and the 11 juniors and four sophomores on  Varsity play those games. A limited number of spots on Varsity means a competitive season.

“It was a change made specifically for this season because of the student athletes we have in our program. We also wanted to instill a competitive spirit in all our teams. This is a model we designed to benefit all the teams and athletes in our program,” said Vogt.

The change in strategy aims to create a stronger more competitive season; the goal is State. Even though not all 18 players suit up for the Varsity games, everyone practices together to improve their skills.

“As a senior, the only hard thing about this new situation is not knowing who is going to be on the court, and will they do their job to help the team win? But then again, us seniors need to have faith in all our babies and faith in our coach that she chose these girls for a reason to help us succeed in our season,” said Sr. Leah Stephens.

In the past, seniors with four years of experience have led the varsity team.  The new system implemented this year places less experienced players in the spotlight.

“I personally like this new program we are starting, it keeps me competitive and always working for my position, having 18 girls practicing together creates a better sense for one big DHS team. This new program keeps me focused on what I need to do to earn a spot on that Varsity court,” said So. Brett Rowland.

Having all of the top players practice together creates a very competitive environment on the court, and getting along could be an issue. After the first month of practice, however that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I do think that the changes are going to benefit the team in seasons to come. This new program will give experience to the younger team members elevating their skills since they get to practice and play with the varsity girls,” said Erin Biery, mother of Jr. Lauren Biery.

Parents have voiced their opinions about their daughters and where they should be playing, but most parents agree with the new system.

“The hardest part is sometimes age, grade and position gets in the way of playing time, but that’s the way it always is so no big surprise. But I like knowing that I have 18 girls to push me to do better. Making the team bigger just made the volleyball program closer,” said Jr. Paris Cutler.

What positions girls play has a huge role in who starts and who sits, some positions are filled, and those girls have a hard time finding a spot on the court. Although it’s hard, players understand the situation and they continue to bond and grow closer.  So far, it looks good for players of the team, who are pulling away with a lot of wins.

Sidebar: Durango volleyball girls first league game is September 25 against Central High School- Grand Junction.