Demons Tame Tigers in Home Opener


Ellie Gervais, Reporter

The first play of the night put the crowd on the edge of their seats with a touchdown from Aztec in the first few minutes of the game. Soon thereafter, the Demons stole the ball and didn’t let it go for the rest of the night.

The Demons made quite the statement at their first home game on Friday, September 4, with a victory and a final score of 53-14.

“The win against Aztec set us up for the season, it was a statement to the other teams that we are going to play, and it was a personal confidence booster for our team,” said Jr. Peyton Woolverton.

Senior quarterback Terrence Trujillo threw three touchdowns and ran for two more under the Friday night lights. As a quarterback, Trujillo has stepped up his senior year to be a leader along with the other 16 seniors.

“As a senior it is easier to be more vocal with the team, and as the quarterback, I need my team and my team needs me, so I have to communicate with them in order for us to be successful,” said Trujillo.

Leadership from the seniors has reflected on to the younger players to create the cohesive team that the audience saw  Friday night.

“I look up to the seniors because they are leaders on and off the field,” said So. receiver Gavin Mestas.

As the Demons set the tone for the season, the team built heavily off of seniors hopes for a victorious last season.

“I know we are capable of a State Championship, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t set our sights on the ultimate prize,” said Sr. receiver Lucas Baken.

Baken hopes to continue his football career in college along with several other players on the team.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to play in college, but football was my first love so it will probably always be a part of my life in some way or another,” said Baken.

Baken isn’t the only senior who is seeking a future in football. Senior Laitham Johnson who plays left tackle and defensive end plans to play in college as well as Trujillo.

Beyond the game itself, football has become more than a sport to most of the players on the team. Head Coach David Vogt, challenges his players outside of their athletic abilities.

“I try to teach these guys how to be men, how to work hard and how to succeed,” said Vogt.

A long season awaits 17 of Durango High School’s seniors. Friday night just scraped the surface of the season. The Demons anticipate the best for the season as they proved against Aztec.