Black Lives Matter


Jaden Rioux, Reporter

Recently there has been an outbreak of cases in which unarmed black citizens are mistreated or murdered by police. Among the most well known are Mike Brown, Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland. All were either killed by the police or under law enforcement care.

As a result, there have been riots and large rallies for an organization known as Black Lives Matter. The activist movement started in 2013 after the death of Trayvon Martin in an effort to stop police brutality. It started as #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter and it has quickly become a pressing issue on society today.

Senior Senora Robinson acknowledged that while violence isn’t the most effective, protests are a good sign, “I think it’s good that people are standing up for what they believe in.” she said.

There is, of course, some controversy on the topic. Some people have taken offense to the statement that “Black Lives Matter”, saying instead that all lives matter.

On a phone interview with North West Academy Fr. Mayana Puzaukas, she was quick to assert her views on the topic.

“There has never been a time where white people have been mistreated because they are white. Sure white people have been killed by the police, but it has never gotten to the point in which they become scared to walk alone at night with a pack of skittles and a soda,” said Puzaukas.

The realization that people aren’t coming to is that by saying “Black Lives Matter”, no one is implying that other lives don’t. Saying that all lives matter distracts from the entire purpose of “Black Lives Matter” and it frustrates people who are trying to bring attention to the cause.

“Of course all lives matter, but right now we have to focus on one minority. Those are the people that need the help and awareness, not white people,” said  Seton Catholic Sr. Samia Salahi.

Police brutality has been brought to a head in recent news and many African American citizens have admitted to feeling threatened by the law officers who are meant to protect them.

Senior Josh Jenkins believes that police forces should have more strict punishments for the unfair treatment of citizens. “Each and every officer took a vow to protect and serve,” said Jenkins.

It’s obvious that there is a lot wrong with the way things are being handled and there’s clearly still a lot of racism lingering in the U.S. One thing is certain, as old tensions remain, at this rate it will be a long time until there is true racial equality.