A Hocus Pocus Homecoming

Lauran Morrissey, Arts Editor

The Durango Demons will be along with the witches and wizards in this year’s homecoming theme, A Spellbound Homecoming, starting on October 12th through the 16th.

This year’s theme will involve the classic fantasy characters and ideas while including some influences from well known fantasy media like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and other popular publications.

“It will be a mixture of many stories, books and movies to create our own fantasy theme,” said Sr. Student Council member Maddie Robertson.

Many students are excited to see what homecoming has in store. Especially how many of the favored activities like the Homecoming Dance and Bonfire will be organized around the theme.

“I’m pretty excited about the theme because I love books like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings” said So. Jenna Zech. Zech looks forward to Bonfire most because it is an excellent opportunity to hang out and be with friends.

Other students remain optimistic about the Homecoming theme even though they are not big into fantasy.

“Fantasy books or movies aren’t really something that I am interested in, but I think homecoming will be a blast regardless because it always is,” said Sr. Anne Mummery.

A few changes follow this year’s homecoming, like the introduction of a spirit bus rather than a Homecoming parade. It was replaced due to the low attendance the last couple years.

Students seem a little skeptical but are still open to the idea, “I never really have gone to the parade, but I feel like it could be missed because some of my friends really enjoyed it when they went,” said Jr. Paris Cutler.

Despite the parade’s absence, community members are excited to see how a fresh alternative will keep the Homecoming spirit alive.

“Creating a spirit caravan and decorating cars and buses might be a cool new way to build excitement while directing people to actual event or games,” said Durango High School Alumni, Maria Creech.

Also, a new class competition event during Homecoming week is being added to this year’s long list of homecoming activities.

“I can’t delve into the specifics too much because we want it to be a surprise, but it will be a great way to get involved and win some cool prizes,” said Fr. Student Council member Ren Beasley, “it’s influenced by Harry Potter.”

Durango High School is definitely in store for a magical time at Homecoming this year.