High School Students Join Campuses with College Students


Students and faculty on campus at Fort Lewis College

Alora Lind, Ast. Web Editor

Liberal Arts students at Fort Lewis College range from Chemical Engineers to Historical Archaeologists.  There’s a diverse group of classes and faculty that provide the growing college with proud, determined and optimistic alumni.  DHS alumni are a big part of the diverse crowd at FLC.

Jeremy Hall, a sophomore at Fort Lewis College has been incredibly interested in the school’s engineering program as of recently.

“I thought I wanted to go into a business type of degree my freshman year but I started leaning towards engineering because of the amount of classes available here,” Hall said.

Engineering is becoming a fast paced demand in many career fields and Fort Lewis College has been building rapidly on improving it’s studies.

“It’s really interesting how certain professors and courses can interest you so much into changing majors,” said Hall.

Hall’s current major has switched to biochemical engineering.  He decided he was much more interested in the career availability and there’s a lot to learn from this major.

Freshman, and 2014 DHS alum, Kylie Toner went to Mesa State University in Grand Junction for her first semester but decided to transfer to Fort Lewis for her second term.

“I love Durango so much more.  I’m not entirely positive on what major I’d like to dedicate myself to, but I’m excited to find out what I’m really passionate about in a town that I love,” Toner said.

Growing up in Durango, Toner continues to enjoy all of the perks of a growing small town.

“When I finished high school I thought that I should get away as soon as possible.  After a while I realized that’s the last thing I should’ve done. I’m planning on going to Steamboat Springs next year but I’d like to get a solid idea on what I want for my first year closer to home,” Toner said.

Transferring is always a great option for students who aren’t sure their first choice is a good fit. In-state tuition is also a wonderful choice financially.

“I’m saving a lot of money this year.  It’s easier for my parents to help support me and prepare me for a year further away as I plan to travel more, too,” said Toner.

As Durango gets larger, so does the college life. Fort Lewis College has become a point of interest because of Durango’s popularity. There are endless possibilities of outdoor activities all year round, plus an abundance of restaurants and festivities going on in town.

“Durango has always been exciting. I attended two years at Fort Lewis and loved it, but I started thinking of moving to Denver for something different. I’ve lived in Durango for the majority of my life and finally moved to Denver and I love it,” said former alumni Skilah McKinney.

All students are different with their experiences and sometimes life choices come from simple starts in a home town or off in a bigger and busier city.

Fort Lewis College is quickly expanding with national interest as well as local high school pursuers. Located in a beautiful town, Fort Lewis has wonderful opportunities offering Liberal Arts majors and minors. Most DHS students grow up being aware of Fort Lewis as an option, for some it turns out to be the best option.