Tools of the Trade with Maggie Wigton

Maggie Wigton Nordic Skiing

Maggie Wigton Nordic Skiing

Seth Marvin-Vanderryn, News Editor

What’s your favorite thing about Nordic?

“It’s a great way to get outside everyday and meet new people. It gives you something to look forward to and makes you work harder.”

Do you have a pregame meal or ritual? Why?

“Before every race I always eat a banana in the morning and the gatorade gummies 30 min before race. In my warmup I make sure to have a nice quiet ski by myself so I can focus. Also, at the beginning of the season if I win with a certain headband I keep wearing it.”

Why Nordic and not downhill?

“Because I can’t turn. I’m also terrified of going downhill. Nordic seems more interesting with different terrain. You can do different things.”

Is there a team aspect in Nordic?

“Yes! You wax ski’s together, practice together and a bunch of other things. Pretty much all winter you are with your team. I know this is cliche but it’s like a family.”

What’s your least favorite thing about Nordic?

“Waxing ski’s for sure. For different snow conditions you have to wax your skis to make you go faster. You have to do so many layers and I’m awful at it.”

What’s your favorite Nordic memory?

“We go up to West Yellowstone every year for thanksgiving break for a training camp. Thousands of skiers go. My first year was incredible. I had broken my arm and had to ski everywhere with my broken arm. I got a lot of compliments and it was really cool to be a part of.”