The View From Here


Juniors and Seniors enjoying this year’s Great Gatsby themed Prom.

Sydney Mattox, Web Editor

That one word. The one word that makes everyone from parents to teachers to students, stop and listen every time that one syllable noun is spoken aloud. The one word that is the most stressful part of an junior or senior year, and makes an upperclassman break out in a full sweat when mentioned. Yes it’s true ladies and gentleman, I am talking about prom.

What? You thought I was going to say AP tests or ACT or something about graduation? Uh.. No. Catch up. Prom is the absolute social highlight of the century. Or at least until graduation. But for a high schooler, either upper or underclassmen, it is what the world revolves around. All upperclassmen can’t wait until the event and all the underclassmen wish they could go.

I recall being a freshman and seeing all of the students downtown on prom night, dressed up in their tacky, sparkly yet unbelievably jealousy-inspiring prom dresses and wishing that I could wear a big sparkly gown like them. But that Cinderella at the ball dream was crushed when I became an upperclassman and, with that, received consciousness of the big fat price tag that followed the idea of prom around.

Prom has caused me to go bankrupt, and I am only 16. Oops. Sorry Mom and Dad, it looks like I won’t be going to college anytime soon, or until I pay back the loan I took out to pay for a prom dress.

Also the DRAMA surrounding picking out the perfect prom dress is unimaginable. It all has to fit, look good and be classy. Remember, you don’t alter Nordstrom dresses to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Nordstrom. Also absolutely no one can have the same dress, period. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to preventing such a travesty.

The price tag of prom does not only apply to the dress, but to the hair, the makeup, dinner, prom tickets, shoes etc. Afterwards I know I will have to re-sell everything just to get half my arm and leg back.

In all honesty, Prom has been one of the more stressful things I have experienced this year, and I’m not even planning it (I applaud you for your bravery Student Council). I can hardly imagine doing everything that already has to be done, plus putting on a party that everyone has to like.

At the end of the day though, I believe that the Great Gatsby Prom this year will be a huge flamboyant sparkly event, and will be worth all of the blood, sweat and tears that was put into it. All the excitement bundled up from 3 years of anticipation, will be released and a party there will be.

At that party though, if you want to dance with me, your tie better match your suit and your suit better match my dress. If not there will be a major issue.