Text-Message Breakups: Still Pandemic

Maddie Dearien, Reporter

Being in high school has always had some givens: homework, having fun with friends and relationships.  With relationships, however, come breakups.  Breakups have become very different in the modern world, and with technology taking over, dating and breakups can end up being all over the phone and on social media.

“For me, my breakups have always been over text,” said Fr. Tatum Behn.

Back in the day, people did not have the option to breakup with someone over the phone, or even talk to them on the phone; everything was done face to face.  Texting breakups seem to be getting more and more popular because you do not actually have to confront the person.

“People breakup with each other over text because they are too scared to confront the person about it and they do not know what to say,” said Fr. Max Wilson.

Basically, texting is a way to avoid the person, and that makes breaking up with someone easier, emotionally easier and also in the fact that it could be a less drawn out conversation.

Anyone asked would agree that breaking up over text is not a good idea.  When a person does it, it makes the other person feel like the relationship did not mean anything, or  that they were not comfortable talking to them face to face.  Unless someone is in a dangerous situation, a text message breakup is not the respectful thing to do.

“I think breaking up with someone over text is a rude and pathetic way to breakup.  They owe it to that person to confront them face to face,” said Fr. SheaLynn Baca.

In some situations, breaking up over text could be a good idea. The type of relationship really depends on how a breakup should go down.

“If someone is in a dangerous relationship that they are trying to get out of, texting might be the best way to go so they do not face the danger of being around that person,” said community member Julie Brown.

Some people also think that there are benefits to breaking up with someone over text, as it is emotionally easier.

According to five interviews from different students, four out of five of them have been broken up with or broken up with someone over the phone.  Some have never dealt with this situation in person.  Everyone agrees that breaking up with someone over text is not the way to go about the problem.

When a breakup text is sent out, it says something along the lines of, “we need to take a break,” “this isn’t working” or “I think we should break up.”

“When you breakup with someone over text, you can get straight to the point so it is a lot easier emotionally in my opinion,” said Fr. Lucy Hickox.

Besides breakups, relationships might only be over text or on social media.  Some couples will barely talk in person, but will talk through texting all day and night.  If texting and social media wasn’t available, couples would be forced to talk, creating a better relationship all around.

Relationships are based around communication and communication cannot just be over the phone.