Man Behind the Curtain: The IT Guy


Connor Henry , Feature Editor

Have you ever wondered who keeps the computers running smoothly and quickly? Whose responsibility it is to keep the printers churning out paper? Meet Durango High School technician, Chris Lake, the IT (Information Technology) guy.

Lake spends his days roaming DHS, answering the calls of anyone who has a problem with their technology.

“Typically I go around and fix printers and computers. There’s a number of different issues with each of them. A lot of it can be user errors, but a lot of it is also hardware, software, those kind of things. So basically what fills my day is camera servers and the general work that needs to be done here,” said Lake.

To contact Lake, a specific system has been set up, and the system has been doing well so far.

“We have a help desk system. Any teacher or staff member can log in and request me to do something. I check that every day,” said Lake.

In a school as big as DHS, any number of issues can occur with technology, but Lake has been able to handle working alone easily.

“I’m assigned to DHS. I used to be assigned to several other places, but we were short staffed at the time. Now we have a full staff so I’m back at DHS full time,” said Lake.

Part of the reason Lake is so comfortable working alone is his confidence in the reliability of the recently updated computer labs.

“All of the labs, and the seven checkout labs, are relatively new. Most of the computers are two years old, so there’s not much that goes wrong with them. We try to do a five-year replacement, so we’re pretty early in that replacement cycle,” said Lake.

As well as the computers, the hardware on the machines should last for a while.

“When we get the new hardware we in turn get the newest operating system that we can. We’re going to be sticking with Windows 7 for a while just because it’s pretty stable. We’ll look at Windows 10, when it comes out, but we may not roll that out for a couple of years,” said Lake.

Teachers and students can agree that the technology at DHS is in good hands when Lake is on the job.