Don’t Hit Send: Stories of Regret


Kylie Slade, Reporter

With the ease of communications now, circulating opinions are just a click away; this is great for convenience, but sometimes can turn out badly.

“The thing about texting is that when you send something to someone you can’t take it back. It is sent, and that’s really scary,” said Sr. Olivia Andrew.

With the hustle and bustle of life today, it is easy to make mistakes when trying to communicate with those around us. This is especially true when using technology, where a mistake is just a slip of the thumb away.

“One time I sent ‘I love you’ to one of my friends [on accident] and sometimes, it could turn out way worse than that,” said Fr. Leah Crowe.

There is a different feel to a text or email where people can speak to each other without expressing their tone of voice, being able to pick up on any nonverbal cues, or being able to see and understand facial expressions. Some might argue that this is an advantage as it gives both parties more time to think about what they are receiving and react appropriately.

“It gives you more courage a lot of times, like when there’s a guy I like I would rather tell him over text than in person cause then I’m not actually face-to-face with him,” said Jr. Alysia Glasby.

Texting provides a sense of security as it removes some of the confrontation involved with communication. However, when it is not possible to see or hear the person on the other side of a text or email conversation, it can be very easy to misinterpret their intentions.

“One time, I was having an  issue with one of my family members and we were having this conversation over text and she thought that I was still mad at her because I wasn’t being enthusiastic even though the conflict had passed,” said Andrew.

Displeasure, grumpiness, anger and bluntness can all be misinterpreted  in a text. Something as simple as forgetting to add a smiley face or adding one too many question marks has the potential to turn out badly.

“This one time, my friend and I were texting because we were writing a book together. We were discussing ideas for the book and I said ‘We should do this’, and she took it as me being bossy instead of just helpfully suggesting,” said So. Rebekah Fowler.

Even though modern communication has it’s flaws, it is perhaps more efficient than the communication technology of years passed, where a phone call was a hassle and sending letters took an eternity in today’s standards. .

“We had three families on our party line so it could be a challenge to make a phone call.  Also, we never knew if someone was listening in on our conversation,” said Red Mesa resident Cindy Whittaker.