Lady Demon’s Basketball Perserveres Through the Fire


Stephanie Basye drives to the basket with Katrina Chandler trying to get open.

Sarah Waller, News Editor

“Dribble, dribble, shoot, shoot, get that ball into the hoop,” yell cheerleaders as the girls basketball team takes on their opponent. This year, DHS girls varsity has impressed the stands with their intensity and perseverance as they have competed against challenging competition throughout the Southwestern League.

The girls have worked hard throughout the season to get where they are now, focusing on particular aspects bringing them success throughout league.

“We have been focusing the entire season on defensive intensity and controlling the things we can like effort. We also have been focusing on team unity. The girls have done an outstanding job of playing for each other,” said girls head coach Tim Fitzpatrick.

Playing and operating as a family is an immensely important part of a sport. The bonds a team makes both on and off the court have the ability to determined the outcome of a season.

“I think team chemistry is 80% of the success. Especially the success we have had. We all believe in each other and support each other win or lose and that’s what I love most about this team,” said Sr. Tessa Leeder.

The girls season has been full of hard work and dedication in pushing themselves harder and harder to get where each teammate wanted to be come post-season. Many would say, the season as a whole could be concluded as a huge achievement.

“We have been very successful just looking at our record, 14-6, compared to last years 9-11. I think the change in staff has been positive for the program overall. And more simply put, it’s fun! That’s success in itself,” said Leeder.

The team has worked hard to become very strong defensively. They put in work in the weight room and focused on developing as a whole.

“Our defense has been our biggest strength. As Coach Fitz says, ‘we hang our hats on our defensive abilities.’ Throughout the season, we have held all but three teams to 40 [points] or under. That’s huge for us, we work hard on the defensive side to reward ourselves on the offensive side,” said Sr. Katie Wiegert.

Becoming strong defensively had been an extremely helpful aspect, in beating tough competition that league brought.

“Keeping our composure and playing as a team to beat Montrose is a big highlight of this season,” said So. Taylor Edwards.

Although the team has seen great accomplishment, success was not breached without pushing through difficult endeavors.

“Our biggest challenge this season so far has been our league schedule. Our league has some very good teams in it and we had a bit of a rough patch. The girls stayed united through it and we weathered that storm,” said Fitzpatrick.

However competition was not the only factor holding the team back from success.

“Injuries were really difficult when not everyone was 100% healthy all the time” said Jr. Danica Dudley.

Concussions, sprained ankles, and other injuries have been a troublesome part of the season, but through perseverance the team has come out strong.