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El Diablo

2016-2017 Staff

Ian Mattox

Advertisement Editor

Ian Mattox is a sophomore at Durango High School and is excited to be the Advertisement Editor  of El Diablo Newspaper staff for 2016-17.  He enjoys many activities outside of school including soccer, skiing, biking, and rafting...

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Rosie Fox

Features Section Head

Rosie Fox is the current head features editor. She has been on El Diablo staff for three years and has held the title of features editor for one year. She loves the outdoors and is almost always barefoot. Some of her favorite...

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Mikayla Charnley

Staff Photographer

Mikayla Charnley moved to Durango in December of 2015, and is a senior at DHS. Prior to working on El Diablo, she was the sports photographer at his previous school for yearbook. As a result of her experience taking professional pi...

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Lilah Slaughter

Feature Online Editor

Lilah Slaughter is the online feature editor for El Diablo. As a Junior, she has been part of El Diablo for three years. First, as a reporter, and then as an editor. She enjoys writing for El Diablo because it gives her the opportunity...

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Tierney Brennan

Specials Online Editor

Tierney Brennan is very enthused to be working as El Diablo's specials online editor this year. She is extremely grateful for this opportunity and can not wait to began working with her fellow editors and reporters. Outside of...

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Brianna Brown

Specials Editor

Brianna Brown is a specials editor for El Diablo. As a Junior, she had been journalism class for two years. This will be her first year as an editor. She really excited about working on the paper as an editor and perfecting...

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Haley Szczech

Arts Online Editor

Haley Szczech  is the 2016-2017 Arts online editor, a sophomore and extreme dog lover. Haley plays soccer for DHS and DYSA, and is involved in Troupe 1096, the theatre troupe here at DHS. Last year, she was a reporter for El D...

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Madi Schanbarger

Staff Photographer

Madi Schanbarger  has always been passionate about photography, and could not have been more excited to join El Diablo photography team.  As a senior, she is proud to work with dedicated people to create an educational and...

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Blake McClain

Head Photographer

Blake McClain is a senior at Durango High School and the head photographer of El Diablo. This will be his third year as a photographer for El Diablo. In addition to taking pictures for El Diablo, he is also involved in soccer,...

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Maggie Hackett

Staff Photographer

Maggie Hackett is currently a senior at Durango High School.  She is a second year photographer on El Diablo staff.  When not taking pictures for El Diablo, Maggie loves to capture photos of nature.  Living in Durango, Maggie ...

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Lucas Robbins

Sports Section Head

Lucas Robbins is the 2016-17 Sports Head Editor. He is exuberant about the upcoming season and loves working on El Diablo. Previously, he held the position of Student-Life editor and that followed two years of reporting for...

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Jenna Beckley

Staff Photographer

Jenna Beckley is starting her third year as a photographer for El Diablo. She started out freshman year and decided she loved telling a story through photography. Since than, she has worked on developing her passion through...

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Baylee Peterson

Photo and Graphics Manager

Baylee Peterson is a senior at Durango High School second year veteran of El Diablo. Last year she was a photographer for the paper and this year she is the Photo and Graphics Manager. She also is heavily involved in yearbook...

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Gwen Stoddard

Online Sports Editor

Gwen Stoddard is the online sports editor. Although this is her first year as an editor of El Diablo, she is a talented writer and previously worked as a reporter. When not writing, she plays soccer and enjoys hiking, camping,...

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Caroline Knight

Features Editor

Caroline Knight is a features editor and first year El Diablo staff member.  She plays soccer for the high school, skis, and is a member of DECA and Fashion Club. Caroline is a Sophomore at Durango High School.

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Emma Jaber

Arts Editor

Emma Jaber is a first year on the El Diablo staff as the arts editor. When she is not working on the paper, she participates at Interact and fashion club meetings, plays tennis and eats lots of chocolate.

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Connor Henry

Co-Head Editor

Connor Henry is a senior at Durango High School and the Design Head Editor of El Diablo. He has been with El Diablo every year of his high school career, starting as a reporter his freshman year and a Feature Editor his sophomore...

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Cassandra Blau

Staff Photographer

Cassandra Blau is a staff photographer. In the previous year, she was a reporter and also took pictures for some of her stories. She enjoys running, dance and traveling. She likes to take pictures of the people, architecture...

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Afton Mann

Art Section Head

Afton Mann is a junior at DHS this year. She was a reporter for the newspaper during her sophomore year, and is continuing to pursue journalism as the arts section head for the 2016-17 year. She is a member of the DHS...

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Carter Reiter

Sports Editor

Carter Reiter is Sports Editor at the El Diablo and a junior at DHS. She takes AP classes, runs cross country, track, and enjoys to Nordic ski. As Junior Vice President, she will also play an integral role in planning Pro...

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Harry Steinberg

Co-Head Editor

Harry Steinberg is one of the Co-Head editors for El Diablo, alongside Connor Henry and Seth Marvin-Vanderryn. Harry has been a part of El Diablo since his freshman year, and worked as a Sports Editor both his Sophomore and Junior...

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Paxton Scott

Online Head Editor

Since Paxton Scott first joined the journalism class his freshmen year, he has been dedicated to the idea of bringing useful and entertaining information to the DHS student group in a palatable form. As a news editor, he worked on...

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